Free !! (Limited period) – 1 Click Selling From Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn


Faab Social is the Future of Social Retail Sales. It is so easy and accessible that everybody is going to start selling right from their current social media (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn) accounts. Its a big asset for small bussinesses ~Prashant Sethi.

I highly recommend that you read on, but if you are too lazy, 
watch the video

Akhtar-faab_social-bg-reflectionFaab Social is the worlds first and only social commerce tool could be the game changer, most small businesses have been looking and waiting for. It has been designed as an easy access platform.From selling Pizza’s to concert tickets FaabSocial really does have it all, and packs in many other unique surprises. Truly unique, read on……..

For Sellers:

If you are a seller, you post a ‘bag this’ link along with the description and a photo of the product or service, like the twitter post below:

FaabSocial For Sellers 1 indiefilmsindia

The ‘Bag This’ link provides a 1 click connect to the merchants payment page. Simple !!!! Isn’t it ……  again….↓↓


Faab Social Merchant Payment Page 1 indie-films-india

To Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Site

Akhtar-faab_social-bg-reflectionFaabSocial is also about getting traffic to your new store by offering actionable tactics to use for your campaigns. And this is great for any business to keep the momentum going.

Now let Akhtar-faab_social-bg-reflection start getting you some traffic….

Again, FaabSocial provides a googleshare link for 1 Click Divert to your website.

FaabSocial Google link india-films-india


FaabSocial To divert traffic to e commerce site indie-films-india

For Content Promotion

The Content promotion industry is starting to grow up. There is even an entire publication dedicated to the topic of the importance of content promotion. With the buzz bubbling and the posts popping, one thing is clear – there’s still a lot of confusion about content promotion channels and the tools used to effectively tap into them.

Akhtar-faab_social-bg-reflection eliminates this confusion by automating Social Media Marketing and is the World’s only tool which uses Product Information to auto update statuses….. the way of the future

FabSocial For Promotion indie-films-india

Sign up before 31st December 2014 and receive FREE FaabSocial for a lifetime with NO LIMITS or RESTRICTIONS.

FREE??  Yes you heard right free unlimited usage of FaabSocial. Wait for it!! Not only this but FaabSocial allows you to Sell, Promote, Advertise and Promote blog content.

The Near Future

This is just a fragment of what FaabSocial is all about. Google +, Pinterest, Instagram as well as many other Chinese Social Media Platforms will be available in the near future.

FaabSocial has been featured on

Tamebay                    Autum Fair





Every day Faab Social are discovering new and exciting opportunities which you can be a part of….. to connect visit or mail me at


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