From ‘Backrub’ to ‘Google’ – The Formula that changed the world.

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In 1995, public internet was only 3 years old, people did not really care too much about it, truth be told… no one really knew what to do with it, until one day when two college students met for the first time at Stanford and hit it off. They became friends and started working together on a search engine called ‘Backrub’.

I remember that there were around 13 search engines at that time and they were no different from each other and they were all terrible ! But ‘Backrub’ turned out to be different, it had a simple secret formula called the ‘Page Rank’. This one formula changed the user experience of searching on ‘Backrub’ better than any other search engine.  The formula is like this:

PR (A) = (I-d) + d (PR (TI)/ C(TI) +….. + PR (TN)/ C(TN))

This one little code/ idea became worth billions in the near future

On September 15th 1997 “Backrub” became “”, both Sergey Brin and Larry Page had dropped out of college but stayed true to their idea……… The rest as they say is history.

What can you learn form Google….. Never give up on an Idea !!!

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Independent Filmmaking in India
Independent Filmmaking in India

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